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Every student can succeed

Every student can succeed

The school year 21/22 will start soon
at Viljaskolan!

We warmly welcome all children and families to the school year's first school day on Wednesday 18 August at 08:30. We are now working to do really well at school and long to meet you all! Read more about starting school in the summer letter from principal Patrick Gladh.


All information about the school such as schedule, menu, absence notification and contact information for teachers and other staff will be available on our learning platform Schoolsoft when school has started. If you have questions already now, see contact information for email or phone number to school staff.

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Apply for a place

Viljaskolan has only a few vacancies in the academic year 21/22, but you are welcome to register your interest in the coming academic year. Ahead of the academic year 22/23, we expect to start up completely new classes in Preschool class, year 4 and year 6. In case of great interest, additional classes can also be started.

Read more and apply.

Work at Viljaskolan

Viljaskolan will start in August 2021 and right now we have no vacancies. We still accept spontaneous applications for future needs if you are interested in working with us!

Read more and apply here.