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Every student can succeed

Every student can succeed

Viljaskolan - a new school in Angered

Now Viljaskolan is finally filled with wonderful students, certified educators and other competent staff. We have newly renovated premises and a completely newly built schoolyard, creative leisure activities and good food that is prepared on site in the school canteen.

Now we do everything to ensure that we live up to our lofty goals that all students can succeed. Our first parent meeting showed that we are on the right track and that we do this together with everyone who is close to each child: guardians, educators and others who can support children and families when needed.

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Apply for a place

Viljaskolan currently has no vacancies in the academic year 21/22, if you are interested, please contact us or make an application.

Before the school year 22/23, we expect to start up completely new classes in preschool class, grades 4, 6 and 7. If there is great interest in other grades, more classes can be started, so do not hesitate to apply regardless of which grade your child should start. in.

Work at Viljaskolan

Right now we are looking for hourly substitutes. We also accept spontaneous applications for future needs if you are interested in working with us.